Southern Style: Haint Blue Porch Ceilings on the New Orleans Northshore

I’ve been asked many times, ‘What’s the color of paint people use on the outdoor porch ceilings that keeps bugs out?’  Some people living in and around New Orleans might call it Dirt Dauber Blue.  But in the Low Country region of South Carolina or Georgia, where the Gullah/Geechee community resides, the blue porch ceiling color is generally referred to as Haint Blue.

Haint Blue porch ceiling on a two bay shotgun raised cottage house in Abita Springs Historic District. The gabled front porch with decorative shingles and porch on two sides is typical of the style of Abita architecture, considered 'Louisiana North Shore' or 'Abita Style'

The Gullah/Geechee people, who are descendants of African slaves, believe using the Haint Blue color wards off evil spirits, or Haints.  Haint is a variation of the word ‘Haunt’, meaning ghost or troublesome spirit.  The cultural legend holds that a Haint could not cross through or over water, so a cerulean blue mixture of blue was applied to window frames and sills, door frames, shutters, openings, and interior ceilings of their homes.  They hoped that the blue color would confuse and trick a Haint into thinking the paint was water, and would keep them away.  At some point in time, the Haint Blue color began to be painted on porch ceilings, too.

Two bay shotgun raised cottage with Haint Blue porch ceiling and louvered shutters, located in historic Old Mandeville, Louisiana. It has a gabled front with decorative shingles and a porch on two sides, considered as 'Louisiana Northshore Style' or 'Abita Style'

Jean Baptiste Lang House, circa 1850, in historic Old Mandeville. The Anglo-Creole Cottage has a Haint Blue porch ceiling, Bevolo French Quarter style lantern light fixture, French Quarter Green shutters, and a cypress wood church pew bench with wicker chairs on the raised porch

Haint Blue porch ceiling and louvered shutters on a three bay shotgun raised cottage in Old Mandeville, LA

While growing up in south Louisiana, I hadn’t ever questioned the ‘why’ behind the blue porch ceilings on so many homes.  I’d always heard stories that blue porch ceilings prevent dirt daubers or wasps from building nests, and keep mosquitos out because the blue color tricks them by appearing to be the sky.  Maybe a long time ago that was the case.  Dating back to the early 1700’s, the Haint Blue paint mixture was made in dirt pits, dug in the yard, using limes, buttermilk, and indigo.  Since it was created by hand, Haint Blue was actually a range of colors that varied from blue-greens to periwinkle blues.  Some people think that the lime used in the blue paint mixture repelled the bugs, wasps, and mosquitos, not the color itself.  Whether or not that’s the case, the Town of Abita Springs is notorious for being a haunted town, with a ghostly house here and there, especially in the historic district.  Until a few years ago, I hadn’t heard of the phrase Haint Blue, but I’ve certainly seen a lot of blue porch ceilings around here in Abita Springs and the New Orleans Northshore.

 Two bay shotgun double raised cottage with a Haint Blue porch ceiling, located in the Abita Springs Historic District

Haint Blue porch ceiling on a restored raised Creole cottage in the Abita Springs Historic District

Haint Blue porch ceiling and horizontal slat shutters on a three bay shotgun house in the Abita Springs Historic District

Haint Blue porch ceiling on blue painted cottage in Abita Springs Historic District

Depending on which legend you believe (as a repellant for troublesome spirits or harassing bugs), Haint Blue is a welcomed porch ceiling color in the New Orleans Northshore area.  These historic houses in Old Mandeville and along the lakefront of Lake Pontchartrain reflect the cultural mixture of Spanish, French, European, and African Descent with Caribbean influences evident in the Creole Architecture of Louisiana.

 Louisiana Northshore Style railed cottage with Haint Blue porch ceiling in the historic district of Old Mandeville

 Little Flower Villa, circa 1836, on Lakeshore Drive in historic district of old Mandeville, LA. The restored Southern Creole style house has a Haint Blue porch ceiling, French Quarter Green horizontal slat shutters, and Bevolo gas lanterns.

 Raised Creole Cottage listed on the National Register of Historic Places in Old Mandeville, LA, has a Haint Blue porch ceiling, French Quarter Green shutters, and Bevolo gas lanterns

 Windhaven House, circa 1926, on Lakeshore Drive in Old Mandeville, LA, has a Haint Blue porch ceiling, French doors with transoms, and is referred to as a 'Center Hall' home

 Historic double shotgun raised cottage with Haint Blue porch ceiling, French Quarter Green shutters, and dormers on the roof, in Old Mandeville, LA

Although “Justine Plantation” was originally built in Centreville, LA, in St. Mary Parish in the early 1800’s, it was moved by barge to the lakeshore of Mandeville in 2003.  Notice the lovely shades of Haint Blue colors on the porch ceiling and handrails.  A little lagniappe about the history of this house, along with many other plantation homes, can be found in this Louisiana cookbook (AL).

Justine Plantation, originally built in Centreville, Louisiana, in St. Mary Parish during the early 1800's, was moved by barge to the New Orleans Northshore on the lakefront of Old Mandeville in 2003. The prominent dormer and neoclassic detailing were added in 1907. The Haint Blue porch ceiling color compliments the other colors of the raised Antebellum house.

And like an authentic Louisiana gumbo, a balanced blend of Creole architectural styles with blue porch ceilings can be found in nearby Covington.  Some of you might already be familiar with the Southern Living Louisiana Idea House, Bayou Bend, in TerraBella Village, a traditional neighborhood development.

 Southern Living Louisiana Idea House, Bayou Bend, in TerraBella Village has a Haint Blue porch ceiling, cypress wood front door, French Quarter Green horizontal louvered shutters, and Bevolo gas lantern.

Can’t you just imagine relaxing while sipping sweet tea or lemonade on a hot summer day on the porch beneath one of these Haint Blue ceilings?

 Contemporary home, built by J Hand Homes, with Haint Blue porch ceiling, stained antique wood front door with transom, and Bevolo French Quarter style gas lantern

 Model Home, built by C M Combs Homes, with Haint Blue porch ceiling, French Quarter Green shutters, antique brick in a herringbone pattern, and Bevolo gas lantern

 Raised cottage with Haint Blue porch ceiling in TerraBella Village, a traditional neighborhood development in Covington, Louisiana

I kept having a familiar feeling while digging a little deeper into the ‘why’ behind the blue porch ceilings, learning more about the cultural traditions of the Gullah/Geechee people of Charleston and Savannah.  It seemed to me like there was a common cultural thread not only with the French Creoles of the New Orleans Northshore area, but throughout Louisiana, and especially with the Creole community along the Cane River in Natchitoches Parish.  Melrose Plantation, along with the Cane River Creole community, was established in the late 1700’s by the freed slave Marie Therese Coin-Coin and her descendants.  Melrose Plantation was where Clementine Hunter (AL), renowned Louisiana folk artist, lived and created joyous and remarkable art depicting the life and culture of the Creole community along the Cane River.  If you look closely at her artwork, she used turquoise-lavender shades of Haint Blue paint colors on the windows, doors frames, shutters, and openings on the houses, churches, and buildings in her paintings.

 Clementine Hunter ceramic platter with pattern 'A Day at Melrose Plantation'. In this artist rendering, the famous Louisiana folk art painter captures the structures, painting doors, windows, and shutters with Haint Blue, at the historic Melrose Plantation on the Cane River

(Clementine Hunter – Ceramic Platter)

Although the cultural folklores between South Carolina, Georgia, and Louisiana may have parallels and similarities, the Haint Blue colors undoubtedly vary by region.  Our local Benjamin Moore dealer, Helm Paint, recommends ‘Blue Allure, 771’ to customers looking for a typical blue porch ceiling color.

 Benjamin Moore Blue Allure 771, a light Haint Blue color for a porch ceiling

Technically, there’s not a specific shade of Haint Blue if you want the historical shades used by the Gullah/Geechee communities of Charleston and Savannah during the eighteenth century.  They used whatever they had available on hand (limes, pigments, chalks) to make the watery blue colors.  And it differs by region and period.

 50 Shades of Haint Blue - a helpful round-up list of 'Haint Blue' (or, 'Dirt Dauber Blue') paint colors from various sources to select from for your home's porch ceiling

So, if you’re in search of a Haint Blue color (or ‘Dirt Dauber Blue’), for your home’s porch ceiling, here’s a helpful round-up list of 50 shades of Haint Blue paint colors from various sources for you to review and consider.  There are beautiful turquoise and aqua blues with a little green, some that are more of a true blue, and others that are a periwinkle blue with a hint of purple.

50 Shades of Haint Blue (or Dirt Dauber Blue) for Porch Ceilings:

  • Sherwin Williams, Halcyon Green, SW 6213 (aka, Vieux Carre’ French Market Blue)
  • Sherwin Williams, Watery, SW 6478
  • Sherwin Williams, Meander Blue, SW 6484
  • Sherwin Williams, Atmospheric, SW 6505
  • Sherwin Williams, Hinting Blue, SW 6519
  • Sherwin Williams, Waterscape, SW 6470
  • Sherwin Williams, Blissful Blue, SW 6527
  • Sherwin Williams, Crystal Clear, SW 6756
  • Sherwin Williams, Retiring Blue, SW 6763
  • Sherwin Williams, Bubble, SW 6770
  • Sherwin Williams, Soar, SW 6799
  • Sherwin Williams, Adrift, SW 7608
  • Sherwin Williams, Tidewater, SW 6477 (or, HGSW2317)
  • HGTV Home by Sherwin Williams, Sweet Salt Air, HGSW1337
  • HGTV Home by Sherwin Williams, Pristine Skies, HGSW2337
  • HGTV Home by Sherwin Williams, Crescent Blue, HGSW2357
  • HGTV Home by Sherwin Williams, Pensive Skies, HGSW2377
  • Benjamin Moore, Palladian Blue, HC-144
  • Benjamin Moore, Yarmouth Blue, HC-150
  • Benjamin Moore, Spring Sky, 674
  • Benjamin Moore, Mystical Blue, 792
  • Benjamin Moore, Polar Sky, 1674
  • Benjamin Moore, Forget Me Not, 2049-60
  • Benjamin Moore, Arctic Blue, 2050-60
  • Benjamin Moore, Bird’s Egg, 2051-60
  • Benjamin Moore, Ocean Air, 2123-50
  • Benjamin Moore, Caribbean Mist, 2061-70
  • Benjamin Moore, White Satin, 2067-70
  • Benjamin Moore, Affinity, Constellation, AF-540
  • Farrow & Ball, Light Blue, 22
  • Farrow & Ball, Parma Gray, 27
  • Farrow & Ball, Dix Blue, 82
  • Farrow & Ball, Green Blue, 84
  • Farrow & Ball, Stone Blue, 86
  • Valspar, Grand Hotel Mackinac Blue, 5007-9A
  • Valspar, Carolina Inn Club Aqua, 5004-3B
  • Valspar, Cincinnatian Hotel Abbey, 5004-9B
  • Valspar, La Fonda Mirage, 5003-5B
  • Valspar, Tropical Bay, 5002-3C
  • Glidden, Tropical Surf, 30BG 72/069
  • Glidden, Clerestory Blue, 70BG 69/094
  • Behr, Spacious Skies, P500-1
  • Behr, Permafrost, S490-1
  • Behr, Tahitian Sky, M460-1
  • Behr, Distant Shore, S500-1
  • Behr, Clear Pond, PPU13-15
  • Behr, Millstream, PPU14-16
  • Bear, Monet, PPU15-17
  • Home Decorators Collection by Behr, Waterfall, HDC-CT-16B
  • Home Decorators Collection by Behr, Seaglass, HDC-CT-26A

I generally tell our clients that the shade of blue color that you select for a porch ceiling really depends on what looks best with the other elements and colors of your own house.  Have you painted your porch ceiling a Haint Blue color?  If so, which one did you use?  Do tell!



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  1. Charlotte says:

    Interesting post with beautiful photos!

  2. My favorites are the blues with a bit of green in them making them look aqua! We don’t live in the south, but we still can’t wait to paint our farmhouse porch ceiling haint blue!

    • I really like those aqua colors, too, Meg! I’d love to know which ‘Haint Blue’ color y’all decide to go with on the porch ceiling of your farmhouse. Looking forward to seeing your pictures, too!

  3. Stephanie L says:

    Thank you for the list! I took a picture of my sunroom ceiling and then used the Home Depot app “Project Color” for my ipad. It colors in with exact colors over what is in the picture. I was able to try out all of the Behr paints and now can narrow it down to probably using either Permafrost or Distant Shore. Thanks again!

    • You’re so welcome, Stephanie! Those types of apps are really useful tools, and I’m so glad that you were able to narrow your choices down from using this list of paint colors. Since the Permafrost is a little lighter color than the Distant Shore, you might want to pick up small test samples of the actual colors and paint a couple of ‘mock-up’ areas on the sunroom ceiling (like in the center area of the ceiling, and in the corners where the ceiling meets the wall). That will help you see how the colors look next to the adjacent walls, and then you can also see what they look like during the day and evening hours. I’m curious to know which color you decide to go with, too!

  4. melody young says:

    Our entire porch is Behr’s Waterfall. Beautiful color.

    • I think it’s a beautiful color, too, Melody. A very light, airy color with a subtle indigo undertone.

  5. laurie kinnebrew says:

    try the benjamin moore wickham gray. it’s a blue that doesn’t scream “blue”. and, of course, it has grey undertones that coordinate with today’s greys

    • Hi Laurie! I’ve found that BM’s Wickham Gray (HC-171) is a really nice neutral paint color, and have used it on several projects, too! :)

  6. Hi Laurie,
    Our house is an 1850 Builder’s Revival featuring multiple porches, classic, French, Medieval elements. It’s that classic intense yellow with white trim and very dark, almost black, green shutters. Our porch ceilings were stained a dark reddish brown (beadboard). Alas, due to water damage we must paint the ceilings. Which shade of Haint Blue do you recommend?

    • Hello Liz! In this area, the local Sherwin Williams company offers a collection of Vieux Carre’ colors that interpret the past of the French Quarter in New Orleans. In the collection, there is a color named ‘Gov. Nicholls St. Green’, which is also a very dark, almost black, green, and might be similar to the shutters on your house. The SW ‘French Market Blue’ (aka, Halcyon Green, SW 6213) might work with the ‘classic intense yellow’. But, since the porch ceilings were previously stained, make sure to have the painter use an appropriate primer coat before painting the porch ceilings with at least two (2) finish coats of paint. Best wishes – Trisha

  7. This post is so helpful for selecting color for porch. Love the history of the
    blue used for porches in the south. Thank you Jane

    • You’re welcome, Jane! I found the history of the blue porch ceilings absolutely fascinating, and am so happy to hear you enjoyed reading about it, too. Thanks so much! – Trisha

  8. Just finished painting our porch ceiling “Watery” from Sherwin Williams. I you are looking for something that’s light, airy and refreshing—this aqua is perfect. Painted the floor with “Composed” from Sherwin Williams and walkers in our neighborhood have been stopping to say they love the colors.

    • Hey Mari! It sounds like your porch is definitely the place to relax and enjoy, and I’m so glad to hear that your neighbors love the colors, too! :)

    • Hi Mary,
      What color is the rest of your house? Curious of the color that match with watery other than white.

  9. I just used SW Aviary on our porch ceiling in our under construction farm house. I love it! Thanks for the explanation of the origin of “haint blue” – that’s what I had heard, but had some online aquaintances argue that it came from “it ain’t blue” (which doesn’t really make sense, but they argued it was more an aqua than “blue”).

    • Hey Anita! Isn’t it great when you’ve found a color you absolutely love? I find the blue-green undertones of the Aviary Blue (SW 6778) give it a very fresh and airy feel, and just perfect for a porch ceiling. I’m glad to have helped with giving a little more background on the historical reference for ‘haint blue’. There sometimes is also a little confusion about the references made to the limes used long ago in the earlier paint mixtures. The limes were used from burnt (calcined) limestone material, rather than the citrus fruit from trees (I’ve come across various discussions about that as well). Who knew there’s also a little scientific ‘ghost-buster’ explanation behind the ‘haint blue’ color, too? :)

  10. Tacee Walker says:

    Thank you!! We moved to NH not long ago. I had a sweet little farmhouse in TN and painted the ceilings of our wrap around porch ‘Birds Egg’. It was perfect!!
    This week, I had the ceiling of our gazebo painted the same. I love it. The color brings me comfort and reminds me of my great-grandmother. A little southern charm to the NE.

  11. We are getting ready to build a screened porch and I really want to paint the ceiling blue (thinking SW Sleepy Blue; the two walls of the house are SW Fawn Brindle.) However, most ceilings I see like this are flat and ours will be a gable ceiling with two skylights; size 15’x20′. Do you think that will still look okay? It will be a headboard ceiling.

    • that’s beadboard, not headboard!

    • Hi Pam! I really do like the SW 6225 ‘Sleepy Blue’ for the porch ceiling. It’s a very soothing color. With the gable ceiling, there will more than likely be shadow areas where the color will appear a little darker, but that’s not a bad thing at all. The texture of the beadboard ceiling with that color should be fine. And, I like the SW 7640 ‘Fawn Brindle’ color for the walls, too. It’s a really nice gray with subtle green undertones, and works well with the cool undertones of the Sleepy Blue. If you haven’t already selected a paint color for the trim, you might consider the SW 7541 ‘Grecian Ivory’ as an option. Good luck, and let me know how things work out for you! :)

  12. They used lime (calcium carbonate), not to be confused with limes (fruit). Lime (calcium carbonate) is the main component in whitewash, and is commonly known to prevent insects and fungus from eating the wood.

  13. Loved the article…My beach house exterior is painted all white with my front door in SW6479 Drizzle. I’ve been going crazy over what color of haint blue to paint my porch ceiling…do have a suggestion?

    • Hi Marilyn! I’m so glad to know you enjoyed it! I truly understand how selecting paint colors can become overwhelming sometimes. You might try SW6478 Watery (it has the same undertones as the SW6479 Drizzle), or perhaps the SW6470 Waterscape (with similar undertones) if you’re wanting to stay with Sherwin Williams paint. Here’s to enjoying that beach house! :) – Trisha

  14. Loren Sharkey says:

    Hi Trisha! Our house is being repainted on the outside. We are painting it the same color green with white trim. We love the colors, it just needed to be repainted. However, the porch ceiling is currently white beadboard. I would like to change it to a haint blue color but have no idea what blue color to choose that will go with our house color. Even though the color is called Photo Gray it looks green. It is PPG Porter Paints in Photo Gray #441-4. Any haint blue color suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thank you! Loren

    • Hello Loren! I took a look at the PPG ‘Photo Gray’ #441-4 paint color, and I would consider it a warm neutral color. Although it does appear to have some green in it, I think it has a little more of a yellow-green undertone in it than a blue-green or periwinkle undertone. Before you make a final decision, and not knowing the actual color green with white trim that you’re repainting your house with, I’d also consider a couple of cooler toned colors (water or sky appearance) if you’re wanting a haint blue color. For instance, ‘Aqua Whisper #256-3’, ‘Turquoise Mist #355-3’, or ‘Big Sky #301-2’, if any of those work well with your existing house colors and the PPG Paint line is what you prefer. Hope this helps! :) – Trisha

    • Edgar S Hicks says:

      I live in Eufaula Alabama and used PPG 4-110 Elastomeric in 5 Gallon with these tint colors: E-1Y+12, J-20 for my wood exterior ceilings.
      For my exterior aluminum carport cover I used PPG 90-474 DTM in 1 Gallon containers with these tint colors: E-21, J-9 (DTM can be used for wood or metal)
      The PPG Color Chip is 149-2 Blue Booties
      Be sure and use a good primer for the Elastomeric (I used XM) and two coats of finish. It eliminated our paper wasp & dirt dobber nests and most of the spiders with exception to granddaddy longlegs.

  15. Peggy Lester says:

    Palladian Blue…just right!

  16. Hi Trisha,
    I’m going to repaint my house and I really like a color from Valspar called: Coral Gable Biltmore Mediterranean Caramel, from collection National Trust for Historic Preservation. However, at Lowe’s I been told that I can get this color but with Sherwin-Williams paint. Please help me to find a hint blue color for the ceiling of my porch from Sherwin-Williams that works with this color I like. Thank you so much.

    • Hi Stela!
      I took a look at the Valspar Paint color ‘Coral Gable Biltmore Mediterranean Caramel’, #2007-8A, from their National Trust for Historic Preservation collection. It’s a really nice mid-tone color with warm orange-yellow undertones. It’s my understanding that Valspar Paint is in discussions and a merger acquisition process with Sherwin Williams, but I’m not certain whether Sherwin Williams has finalized the ownership yet. Since Lowe’s sells paint products from both companies, I can only speculate that is why you were told that. Anyway, from my list of Haint Blue colors, I’d recommend any one of the following as an option that works with this color you like: Sherwin Williams SW6505, ‘Atmospheric’; or, HGTV Home by Sherwin Williams, HGSW2377 ‘Pensive Skies’; or, Valspar 5004-9B ‘Cincinnatian Hotel Abbey’ from their National Trust for Historic Preservation collection. Paint a 2′ x 2′ mock-up test sample of each of these Haint Blue colors on your porch ceiling to confirm which one you like best. Hope this helps! :) – Trisha

  17. I am building a large farm house with a large wrap around porch with lots of exposed rafters. Exterior siding-SW Dover White, Shutters-SW Fired Brick (porch floor maybe BM-Revere Pewter). The rafters can be seen from the inside of the kitchen/dining/great room (SW Buttercup & Dover White trim). Rafters can also be seen from music room (mix of SW Perfect Pistacio & Envious Green). SW Meander Blue in a bedroom close by but cannot see rafters. Need a porch ceiling color that blends with all & is not overpowering due to the large amount of ceiling. We sampled Meander Blue on the ceiling. While it looks blue in the bedroom, it looks green on the porch ceiling. Thanks.

    • oops that was SW Butter UP not Buttercup

    • Hi Gail! You’re right, the Sherwin Williams ‘Meander Blue’ (SW 6484) does have an aqua/turquoise undertone, so I can understand how it might take on a green appearance outdoors. I looked at ‘Perfect Pistachio’ (HGSW1257) and ‘Envious Green’ (HGSW1256) of the HGTV Home by Sherwin Williams paint colors, along with Sherwin Williams ‘Butter Up’ (SW 6681), ‘Dover White’ (SW 6385), ‘Fired Brick’ (SW 6335), as well as Benjamin Moore ‘Revere Pewter’ (HC-172). For your porch ceiling, I’d suggest a color that has more of a true blue undertone, such as one of the following: HGTV Home by Sherwin Williams, ‘Pensive Skies’ (HGSW2377); Sherwin Williams, ‘Atmospheric’ (SW 6505); Benjamin Moore, ‘Mystical Blue’ (BM 792), or ‘Blue Allure’ (BM 771). I think any of these shades of Haint Blue will blend nicely with the other paint colors you’ve chosen. Let me know which one you end up going with. Hope this helps! :) – Trisha

  18. Hey Trisha, I could sure use your expertise! My painters are coming and I am floundering for the right haint blue. The entire house is Benjamin Moore Shanadoah taupe, (100% of house), french doors black Forrest green by Benjamin Moore. I need a patio ceiling blue and should I use satin, high gloss, or ultra sheen. Aura is the priciest in Ben Moore ultra sheen. I hope to hear from you. Love your article here! As many!!

    • Hey Bliss! I really like the Benjamin Moore ‘Shenandoah Taupe’ (AC-36), and Black Forest Green (PM-12), and suggest you might consider selecting either the BM ‘Bird’s Egg’ (2051-60), or BM ‘Palladian Blue’ (HC-144), in a satin sheen for the patio ceiling. Typically, I ask painters to mock up painted samples on the surfaces for final approval, so you might also ask if they would go ahead and do that for you to make a decision before painting the whole ceiling. Hope this helps, and I’m so happy that you love the post! Be on the lookout for more, because I’m getting back to blogging soon! :) Thanks! – Trisha

  19. Kim Clough says:

    We are building a house and now I’m to the point of choosing colors. I have a large front porch and trying to figure out the best color for the porch ceiling. The shingle shake on the house is mindful grey by Sherwin Williams. Thanks so much!!

    • Hi Kim! I took a look at the Sherwin Williams ‘Mindful Gray’ (SW 7016) color for the shingle shake on the house, and noticed is has a slight green undertone, which is very appealing. Since the light reflective value (LRV) of the ‘Mindful Gray’ is 48, for some contrast, I’d suggest going with a color that has a higher LRV number for the porch ceiling. And, since you’re using a Sherwin Williams paint color on the shingle shake, I’ll stay with that manufacturer’s colors for these suggestions. Depending if you prefer a blue undertone or a green undertone to the porch ceiling color, I’m suggesting either of these colors: ‘Atmospheric’ (SW 6505), which is LRV 68, and has a more blue undertone, or ‘Meander Blue’ (SW 6484), which is LRV 67, and has more of a green undertone. Alternatively, if the porch is really deep, or is screened in, or there’s a lot of shade from nearby trees around the house, you might consider an even lighter color with a higher LRV, such as ‘Retiring Blue’ (SW 6763), which is 80. This is a nice color with a slight aqua undertone. Ask the painter to mock up paint samples for you to consider before making a final selection. Hope this helps, and let me know what you decide on, ok? Thanks! :) – Trisha


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