Color Scheme of Mardi Gras: Purple, Green, and Gold

There’s just something about a color scheme of purple, green, and gold that makes me happy, especially during Carnival season.  If you grew up in New Orleans, you naturally know this Mardi Gras color combo signifies Justice (purple), Faith (green) and Power (gold).  For a wonderful explanation of the origins of these Mardi Gras colors, Errol Laborde, editor-in-chief of Renaissance Publishing, tells its history here.

 2014 Rex Proclamation

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And if you live in south Louisiana, you know this seasonal color trio is used to decorate nearly everything, from balconies and porches, front doors and tables, to glittery masks and headpieces, King Cakes, and even beloved pets.  Tis the season for flying Mardi Gras flags high!

New Orleans, French Quarter, Mardi Gras

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Isn’t it a great color combo?  It might be hard for some to imagine that these saturated, bold colors can be used together for any interior space other than for a vibrant and exciting atmosphere.

Bathroom, En Suite, Freestanding Tub (Image Source)

 Green Drapery Panels, Chair

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 Luxury Shower, Majorca House

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 Dining Room, Purple, Green, Gold

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Softer and more subtle hues of purple, green, and gold can be combined to create an interior design that has a sophisticated, pretty, and calming ambiance.  I came across several images of elegant and luxury interiors that give that kind of feeling.


Chateau Varennes (Image Source)

 Living Room, Luxurious, New Orleans

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Lime Wood Hotel, Living Room, Parlor, Richard Powers Photographer

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 Robert Passal, Glamour, Lounge

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Bedroom, Cream, White, Purple(Image Source)

Twin Beds, Headboards, Bedding(Image Source)

In the spirit of Carnival season, it seems only naturally New Orleans to share with you a few of my favorite purple, green, and gold paint colors by Sherwin Williams.  I’ve listed a few below.

  • Purples:  SW6550 Mythical; SW6832 Impulsive Purple; SW6974 Plum Blossom; SW6547 Silver Peony; and SW0021 Queen Anne Lilac
  • Greens:  SW0066 Cascade Green; SW6720 Paradise; SW6423 Ryegrass; SW6421 Celery; and SW6179 Artichoke
  • Golds:  SW6382 Ceremonial Gold; SW6389 Butternut; and SW6386 Napery

Do you have any favorite purple, green, and gold paint colors?  Feel free to share!

 Keep Calm, Mardi Gras

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And, in the meantime, as we say in Louisiana, “Laissez le bon temp rouler!”

Happy Mardi Gras!