Hello world!

With a nod and a smile, I would like to say, ‘Hello’ to all of you in this big ‘Blogosphere’ world, and welcome you to our new design and lifestyle blog, ‘TrippaLuka Style’!

My given name is Patricia, but my family has always called me ‘Trisha’.  At another time, I’ll tell you the story of how I was accidentally given the nickname ‘Trippa’ by my beloved piano teacher, who inspired me profoundly.  I am so fortunate to work on a daily basis alongside my husband/partner, Luke (aka, ‘Luka’ by his Table Tennis friends…that’s another story); he’s a native of New Orleans who grew up in the Lower Garden District, an area also locally referred to as the ‘Irish Channel’.  Our planning and design consulting firm, P.A.S. Interiors, is named after moi, an entrepreneur born and raised in the ‘Bayou Country’ of south Louisiana.  We live in St. Tammany Parish (Louisiana is the only state that doesn’t have ‘counties’), in the quaint small Town of Abita Springs.  Much of our design work and ‘style’ is inspired by our unique surroundings and cultural heritage, and we focus on offering consulting services that ‘bridge’ architecture with interior design to create beautiful, functional, and environmentally responsible building interiors (a visual expression of this concept is reflected in the image ‘Bridge over Abita River’ below).

At this point, I feel a sudden urge to offer you a cup of coffee or something to eat (that’s definitely a local cultural thing!).  I’m new to blogging and very excited to move into the Blogohood.  We’ll gradually be sprucing up this little place of ours, where we’ll talk about  interior design, architecture, art, music, gardens and gardening, food, coffee (of course!), and share all things cultural in Louisiana, especially the greater New Orleans region.  We’d love for you to drop in and visit us here, share your thoughts and join in the conversation!

Tammany Trace Bridge over Abita River

Bridge over Abita River