Oyster Shell Art

Personally, I think an oyster shell is a little piece of art all on its own.  Have you ever noticed the beautiful textures, shapes, and colors of an oyster shell?  I’ve always loved how they’re rough, scratchy, and irregular on their outside surface, and smooth, silky, and refined on the inside.  Do you see what I’m talking about in this photograph of mine?


Oyster Shells; Louisiana; Oyster;


A few weekends ago, I went down the bayou to my family’s fishing camp near the end of Madison Canal Road in lower Terrebonne Parish, in the coastal marsh area below Montegut (pronounced ‘mon-tuh-gyoo’), in southeast Louisiana.  While walking along the bulkhead at the edge of the water, I looked down at the oyster shells and thought about some of the wonderful paintings by artists who use the oyster shell as their muse.  I’m amazed by those artists who are able to capture the natural iridescence of an oyster shell in their art pieces.  These are some paintings of an oyster shell that I happened upon and wanted to share with you.



Oyster Shell; Art; Painting; Bellamy Murphy

(Image Source)

Oyster Shell; Painting; Art; Pam Talley; Fine Art America

(Image Source)

Oyster Shell; Art; Painting; Michael Guidry

(Image Source)

 Oyster Shell; Gulf of Mexico; Art; Painting; One Kings Lane

(Image Source)

Oyster Shell; Encaustic Painting; Art; Julia Schaaf; Etsy

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 Oyster Shell; Art; Painting; Ann Lutz

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Aren’t they all stunning?  A painting like these gives a room a casual sophistication.  Take a look at how the Oyster Shell art pieces by Bellamy Murphy are used in these lovely coastal-inspired interiors.


Oyster Shell; Art; Coastal; Cottage; Living Room; Bellamy Murphy; Jane Coslick; Coastal Living Magazine

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 Oyster Shell; Art; Painting; Bellamy Murphy; Coastal Living Magazine

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 Oyster Shell; Art; Painting; Coastal; Bedroom; Bellamy Murphy; Jane Coslick; Coastal Living Magazine

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In addition to paintings, the oyster shell is also used as inspiration for ceramic and pottery art pieces, such as serving dishes, oyster plates, and chargrill oyster shells.


Oyster Shell; Art; Alison Evans Ceramics; Serving Plates; Platter; Hazelnut New Orleans

(Image Source)


Oyster Shell; Art; Servers; Etsy

(Image Source)

Oyster Shell; Art; Ceramic; Plates; Platter; Oysteria NOLA; New Orleans; Louisiana

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If you’re a fan of chargrilled oysters, the artists of Wortman Pottery in Duson, LA, create beautiful hand-crafted Chargrill Oyster Shells, called Oysterman’s Grillers.  Also, artisans of a local restaurant, named Schwing’s Seafood Galley, make reusable stainless steel oyster shells that can be purchased either at their location in Covington, LA.  And, if you’re looking for a cookbook with great recipes on preparing oysters, I suggest The P&J Oyster Cookbook, by Kit Wohl and the Sunseri Family.


 Oyster Shell; Art; Wortman Pottery; Ceramics; Chargrill; Grillers; Louisiana

(Image Source)


Are you a lover of the coast, and want a tranquil, calming color palette for the interiors of your home?  An oyster shell can be inspirational in developing a restful coastal style.  These are a few color schemes that might appeal to you.



Oyster Shells; Art; John Rizzuto; Fine Art America; Sherwin Williams; Paint

(Image Source)

 Pacific Oyster; Photograph; Oyster Shell; Art; David Nunuk; Fine Art America; Sherwin Williams; Paint

(Image Source)

Oyster Shells; Photograph; Art; Jean Baardsen; Fine Art America; Sherwin Williams paint

(Image Source)

 Oyster Shell; Art; Pearl; Ursula Alter; Fine Art America; Sherwin Williams; paint

(Image Source)

 Oyster Shells; Art; Photograph; Cynthia Guinn; Fine Art America; Sherwin Williams; paint color

(Image Source)


Each of these color palettes have relaxing tones, don’t you think?  Have you ever used an oyster shell as inspiration for art or décor in your home?  Do tell!




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  1. Hi Trisha,
    LOVE your post about oysters and that you used one of my encaustic oysters as an example(I’ve actually reworked the one you posted,
    Was never quit where I wanted it). I never get tired of painting them!

    I’ve put up some more so check them out when you have free time!

    Julia Schaaf

    • Hi Julia! Your artwork is absolutely beautiful, and happy to have found your shop. I’ll definitely be checking out your new pieces. Thank you so much for your kind comments, too!

  2. Trisha,

    I’d like to thank you for embracing my color and including my art in your blog. I am honored and truly, just saw this pinned from your wonderful blog post. Colorful Wishes, Ann Lutz (from good ole’ Savannah, GA)

    • Ann,
      You’re so very welcome! I’ve updated the source link in my post to direct my readers to your website now, instead of an older link to a Facebook post where I’d originally found your art (I noticed that link to be broken). Your artwork is absolutely stunning, and I’m certain many others feel the same about your work. Keep those Decorative Impressions flowing! :) – Trisha

  3. Cindy Collins says:

    Hi Trisha,
    I am trying to find Julia Scaaf’s artwork to purchase. Any idea how to find her?

    • Hi Cindy!
      Julia Scaaf’s artwork is available to purchase through her Etsy shop online and you can click here (affiliate link) – http://tidd.ly/357e73a4. You should also be able to contact her directly through here email there, too. Thanks! – Trisha


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